A couple of Montrealers are planning to play a role at the trial of former SS member Oskar Groening, 93, who is charged with being an accessory to the murder of 300,000 Hungarian Jews.

Elaine Kalman Naves plans to attend to honour the memory of her older half-sister Evike, who she never met.

“I was born after the war but I grew up with her and their pictures all over our apartment,” said Kalman Naves.

She plans to read letters to the court written by her sister.

Paul Herczeg, 87, is going to the trial to tell of how his mother was killed when he was just 16.

“I saw my mother the last time there. I didn't realize it was the last time I would see her,” he told CTV Montreal.

Herczeg said that the does not believe, however, that Groening should go to jail.

“He has to live with his own conscience and I think he does because he came out about it. So that should be a punishment enough in my book,” he said.