It was spring cleaning time out on the streets of Montreal and Saturday as volunteers came out to tidy up their parts of the city.

Montreal’s Big Chore, a city-organized volunteer initiative, runs between April 27 and May 6. The project has residents registering the chore they wish to complete which then allows others to look up and take part in activities in their part of the city.

City of Montreal spokesperson Philippe Sabourin said they were expecting over 100 projects over the weekend alone. Last year, the city registered 500 activities with 20,000 volunteers. Sabourin said he expects that number to increase to 600 activities with 25,000 volunteers.

“The employees of Montreal are doing the cleanup activity for all the city. In addition to the efforts of the City of Montreal, citizens do some volunteer work,” he said. “They’re cleaning their allies, the streets, the little parks. It helps the city a lot because the winter was so rude.”

Among the registered clean-up operations are a tidying up of the scene of last weekend’s half-marathon, a litter collection on Queen Mary St. and a cleanup of Rachel St.

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