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Montrealer creates mini model of the city, complete with orange cones


A Montreal man has combined his love of rail travel with his passion for local landmarks by create a miniature, elaborate model of his city.

Alex Montagano loved model trains as a child. He reconnected with the hobby just before the COVID-19 pandemic and has since taken it to extraordinary lengths.

"I've been working on it constantly ever since, in my free time," he told CTV News.

His project is by no means a map of Montreal -- more like a tribute, complete with recognizable landmarks like the Orange Julep, the Leonard Cohen mural and the iconic Five Roses plant.

Downtown Montreal's iconic Leonard Cohen mural is show in Alex Montagano's model of the city. (CTV News/Angela Mackenzie)

What Montagano couldn't purchase, he built.

For example, he made N.D.G's Empress Theatre with a 3-D printer, capturing the Egyptian art-deco style of the original construction.

Alex Montagano used a 3-D printer to create his model of Montreal's Empress Theatre. (CTV News/Angela Mackenzie)

"I'd visit, take photographs, do drawings, then I'd come back and say, 'how can I manifest this into a physical model that I can put on the layout," he explained.

And just like in actual Montreal, there's construction work, and even a protest.

A protest is shown in Alex Montagano's miniature model of Montreal. (CTV News/Angela Mackenzie)

And like construction work, there's always more to do.

"It's always in progress, and I never anticipate it to be finished." Top Stories

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