A Montreal taxi driver will be charged with aggravated assault following a violent incident early Monday.

Police say two men stepped out of the taxi around 12:40 a.m. at St. Laurent Blvd. near Ontario St. and were on the sidewalk when the car went onto the sidewalk and ran them down.

Witnesses say the driver deliberately ran the men down. Police say the pair didn’t pay their fare.

“It seemed that two pedestrians that were customers of the taxi and they tried to leave and not paying,” explained Montreal police spokesperson Eric Labad.

An 18-year-old man was brought to hospital in critical condition. A 20-year-old man was less seriously hurt but also required hospitalization.

“One has several injuries, but we don't fear for his life and the other has minor injuries,” said Labad.

Police say he may have been working for a taxi company as a sub-contractor.

There is video of the incident, but police won’t say whether it comes from a cell phone or surveillance camera.

Police arrested the 32-year-old taxi driver at the scene and spent the night interrogating him. The driver is expected to be formally charged with armed assault in court Tuesday.

Police are interviewing several witnesses who were at the intersection. They say there could be more charges depending on the outcome of their investigation.

Just over three years ago, another Montreal taxi driver was involved in a court case after a violent confrontation with people on the street.

An argument with a client degenerated and that driver, Guercy Edmond.was surrounded by a hostile crowd.

Edmondran over the client while leaving the scene. Earlier this year, a judge ruled the driver never meant to hurt anyone and acted in self-defence.