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Montreal SPCA launches emergency kits for pet owners


In an emergency, most parents have a plan for who will look after their children if they are in an accident or other crisis situation.


Do pet parents have a plan for their fur babies?

As part of its first fundraiser of the year, the Montreal SPCA is sending donors an emergency kit for pet owners that will notify first responders that there is an animal that is unattended and needs caring for.

"When an animal owner falls ill or has an accident, their furry friends can quickly find themselves in trouble," the SPCA said.

Veterinarian Dr. Enid Stiles said that in addition to the physical effects of pets not having food, water or medication for a time, animals depend on a routine that is broken when a caregiver is absent.

"Just being left in a home, in itself, without a caregiver is very emotionally stressful for pets," she said. "That's not something they're used to. They might be used to 10 hours a day, but they're not used to 24 or 48, etc. So very stressful for them."

Stiles added that owners can attach information to pets' collars, directing anyone who is responsible for the animal to medical conditions or other important information.

"It's very, very important, especially for those that have medical needs," she said. "Some of us are not as fortunate to have a support system that's very close to us. We might have family that live in a different city, or we may not have family at all or close friends, we might be immigrants to the area. So I think it's just super important to be thinking about that."

The new SPCA emergency contact kit will notify any first responders that there is a pet in need of care. (SPCA)

The kits will include a flashing key ring that refers to a wallet card with an emergency contact person responsible for making sure any and all animals are looked after.

In addition, a front door sticker will alert first responders to rescue any animals that need care.

In an emergency, who will care for Betty? The Montreal SPCA is offering donors an emergency contact kit that will inform first responders that a fur baby is unattended and in need of care. (Daniel J. Rowe, CTV News)

Kit prices range from $8.50 for one to $23 for five kits.

The SPCA said that the organization took in 1,710 animals in 2023 through Montreal emergency services, and added that more than half of Quebecers (52 per cent) are pet owners. Top Stories

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