The Montreal borough of Riviere-des-Prairies is dealing with a coyote problem. The borough is seeking to euthanize two coyotes who officials say no longer fear humans.

Playgrounds in the east-end neighbourhood show signs coyotes have been spotted nearby, causing concern among parents. Pet owners are also worried after a coyote attacked a dog.

It's not unusual to see coyotes on the Island of Montreal. In 2017, one was caught on camera playing in a Kirkland backyard.

A loss of their natural habitat means more coyotes are looking for food sources near homes, said Patricia Presseau, director of animal care at the Ecomuseum.

"You have to remember that it's a wild animal," said Presseau. "It's a wild canine, and it's a predator. So yes, we should always stay as far away as possible from coyotes. Never try to feed them. And because they have easy access to our food, that's why we see them more and more around us."

Last month, RDP held an information session to warn people how to behave if they encounter a coyote.

While the borough maintains the goal is to teach people how to co-exist with all wildlife, it obtained a permit from the province to kill the two coyotes that it says have shown problematic behaviour.

"This coyote may be not afraid of humans because some of them fed them earlier, so they associate humans with food now," said Presseau.