Montreal's aboriginal population is growing at an unprecedented rate and police say it's crucial that they find new ways to understand the urban realities of First Nations people.

Montreal police are now working with the Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network to try and improve the way police interact with First Nations people.

Among other things, police will get training to better understand aboriginal culture and addiction prevention programs will be created to reduce the high number of aboriginal people in jail.

There will be help for native people who find themselves homeless in the city and police and advocates for First Nations will work to better understand how Aboriginal women go missing and are murdered.

It’s all to try and combat the “continuing effects of colonization and assimilation,” according to a news release.

They say Montreal is an important crossroads and it requires attention.

“It's very different when you're on a reserve that's remote as opposed to being in the city, so we need to adapt [services] to the needs here in Montreal,” said Nakuset, Executive Director of the Native Women's Shelter Of Montreal.

Outgoing Montreal Police Chief Marc Parent says he is particularly proud that being involved in this project is one of his last acts as head of the force.