Following years of complaints from residents of Saint Lambert, and based on the recommendations between a working group formed by officials of both cities, the city of Montreal has ordered a limit to how loud concerts and other events can be in Jean Drapeau Park.

City of Montreal officials decreed a 75 decibel limit to sound coming from the park for most occasions, with a few exceptions, starting in 2019.

Events that have already signed contracts with the city of Montreal for the next few years will be allowed to hit 80 decibels, while some will have no limit to how loud they can be.

It's not clear where the sound will be measured to determine how loud is too loud, but presumably sound measurements will be taken at various points in Saint Lambert.

In previous years residents of Saint Lambert have measured sound levels in their backyards peaking at 81 decibels or more.

The Jean Drapeau Park Society has also promised to improve its complaints process, and will examine how the new Amphitheatre will affect noise levels.

Two years ago the province changed the Environment Quality Act so that promoters no longer had to get permission to be exceptionally noisy.

Residents are invited to an information session on June 27 in Saint Lambert.