The City of Montreal announced Friday that it is set to move forward with a public consultation on systemic racism and discrimination within the municipality.

The announcement follows public pressure, after community group Montreal in Action rallied to get 20,000 signatures – 5,000 more than were needed to push for the consultation. Earlier this month, the city said it reviewed the petition and counted 16,700 valid signatures.

The city said a neutral third party, the Montreal Public Consultation Office will manage the process and determine the most effective approach to gathering a diversity of voices on the matter.

“We invite organizations, experts and all citizens challenged by diversity and inclusion to participate” said Executive Committee’s vice chair Magda Popeanu, in a statement issued by the city.

Balarama Holness, a McGill law student, spearheaded the petition, saying earlier this month that “Montrealers have declared that inclusion is a cornerstone of our culture here in Montreal and in Quebec.”

The city did not release a timeline of when the public consultation would take place but said information will be made available on the Montreal Public Consultation Office website in the coming months.