MONTREAL -- Montreal is easing up on some parking measures to help anyone that needs to get around during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city issued a news release Monday morning with some new changes in place.

Street parking signs that were to come into effect on April 1 have been pushed back to May 1. No tickets will be issued in any of the boroughs at this time for those spots.

Drivers with expired residents-only parking stickers can use those for now, as no new stickers will be issued for the time being. Careful, though -- this doesn’t mean anyone can park in those spaces. You’ll still get a ticket if you don’t have a resident-only sticker.

Parking agents are still out during the pandemic, but they are prioritizing infractions that have the greatest impact on public safety, the city said.

And you’re not off the hook for paying the meter; that remains the same.

More details about measures implemented by the city around the COVID-19 outbreak are available here.