The Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation is donating more than $1 million to ensure at-risk children get access to sports and physical activity.

The $1.1-million donation announced Wednesday will support 73 organizations across Quebec. The financial support will go towards helping some 30,000 children across the province get access to active day camps, various sports programs, and will help organizations buy sports equipment and develop and refurbish infrastructures.

The funding comes in addition to a $1.7 million investment made earlier this year to create a refrigerated outdoor rink in Joliette, which was inaugurated in January.

While many programs are currently on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “the Foundation wants to reassure organizations that promote active lifestyles for underprivileged children,” a news release said, adding that it hopes the financial support will allow these organizations to maintain their operations and prepare for the return of normal activities.

"It is essential that children maintain good health and remain active during this difficult period, and that they also have the chance to participate in sports and physical activities when we can all resume our activities," said the foundation’s general manager, Genevieve Paquette.