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Montreal-based Cocktail Bomb Shop taking off


Montreal-based business owner Kiana Gomes receives orders from all over Canada and the U.S., but her journey with Cocktail Bomb Shop has humble beginnings.

It started during the pandemic when people were looking for new recipes to try at home.

"A friend of mine sent me a viral video for the hot chocolate bomb, which are basically chocolate spheres that you drop into milk and then it makes a hot chocolate," said Gomes. "But it wasn't super profitable so I wanted to find something else."

That "something else" turned out to be cocktail bombs - something Gomes discovered before they became a trend.

Her products don't contain any alcohol, and Gomes developed them herself.

"I did a lot of recipe testing, prototyping and development, [and] finally I came up with the perfect formula," she said. "I posted a video on TikTok, and it just kind of blew up, and here we are today."

Social media continues to play an important role in her business' success. "We are also able to reach a larger audience across the country and even the United States," said Gomes. "Constantly being able to share new products, new recipes, new things we have coming, it's a great way to help the business."

When she began Cocktail Bomb Shop, she had no idea it would grow to where it is today,

"I've always had an entrepreneurial sense," said Gomes. "I always knew I wanted to have a business, but I was never sure what it would be."

It's a formula that seems to be working with the business growing quickly. "We moved to a small production facility and then it was too small and we had to get a bigger one and then after that we had to come here and now this is too small here now too," she said. Top Stories

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