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Quebec Superior Court authorizes class action lawsuit over reusable plastic bags


The reusable plastic bags collected from various shops and sitting in your closet could earn you some money.

The Superior Court of Quebec has authorized a class action lawsuit over the bags. Anyone who has, for example, purchased a reusable plastic bag from Dollarama (or a number of Quebec stores) can be part of the class action lawsuit.

"I would assume that this impacts several million people across Quebec," said Joey Zukran of LPC Avocats.

Zukran is leading the case against the following defendants:

  • Dollarama
  • Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ)
  • Rona Inc. and Lowe’s
  • Metro Inc.
  • McKesson Canada (Uniprix pharmacies)
  • Toys R Us
  • Costco
  • Giant Tiger

Zukran claims these stores sell bags they advertise as recyclable when they aren't.

Zukran said according to one of the biggest recycling facilities in Quebec, Tricentris, these plastic bags cannot be recycled in Quebec or even anywhere in Canada.

"If you try to stretch it, it does not stretch. It's rigid and therefore it goes in the garbage, not in the recycling bin," he said. "The law is very, very clear. You cannot make a false or fraudulent claim in this case, in our view, that the claims are clearly and manifestly wrong, false and fraudulent and misleading."

Several of the companies mentioned in the lawsuit, including Dollarama, tell CTV News they will not be commenting on the subject because of the ongoing legal procedure.

Any Quebecer who bought a bag from April 16, 2019 until now is eligible to join the class action. Top Stories

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