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Quebec College of Physicians announces new guidelines to make access to abortion medication easier


For the second time in as many weeks, Quebec's College of Physicians has announced new measures to make it easier to access abortion pills for those wishing to terminate a pregnancy.

According to the College, doctors without experience in abortion practice will no longer require specialized training to prescribe the pills. Instead, they will rely on their own judgement, seeking additional training on their own terms.

"It is up to the physician to ensure they have the knowledge and skills necessary to prescribe this medication, as for any other care, medication or treatment, in accordance with ethical obligations," reads a press release from the College.

In other words, the training will still be available to those who want it, but it won't be "compulsory or imposed."


The college said Thursday that the "recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on abortion has brought the issue of access to the abortion pill to the fore in Quebec."

It's the second time this month a major announcement has been made in Quebec regarding abortion pills, which are available in Canada under the name Mifegymiso.

A few weeks ago, the College announced it would lift the rule requiring patients have an ultrasound before getting access to the medication.

Around that time, hundreds of Quebec doctors signed an open letter requesting the rules be eased to make the two-pill regimen more easily accessible to those in need.

According to Dr. Dario Garcia, president of Quebec's association for obstetricians and gynecologists, abortion pills are a relatively safe option with few risks.

He said ultrasounds requirements and extensive training created unnecessary barriers to reproductive care.

"Anything that gives our patients better access to care is something we'll always be happy about," Dr. Garcia said in an interview with CTV News earlier this month. Top Stories

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