Politics in Montreal is turning into a game of musical chairs involving all three levels of government.

The opening moves began earlier this year when Denis Coderre gave up his seat as the Federal Liberal MP for the Bourassa riding in order to make a bid to become mayor of Montreal.

The latest shuffle comes from provincial Liberal MNA Emmanuel Dubourg who has decided to make the jump to federal politics.

He announced on Friday that he will give up his seat in the provincial riding of Viau, which he has held since 2007, and try to replace Coderre as a Liberal MP.

"Before making my decision I checked with the National Assembly, and they said I could remain as an MNA until an election was held in a federal riding, but I thought that would not be fair to the citizens I represent," said Dubourg.

Dubourg was elected to Quebec's National Assembly in 2007 as the representative for the Viau riding, which encompasses part of northern Montreal.

The federal riding of Bourassa is adjacent to the territory covered by the provincial Viau seat.

A date for a byelection in Bourassa has not yet been announced.


Couillard won't run in Viau

Dubourg's departure raised speculation that provincial Liberal leader Philippe Couillard would run in a byelection for Viau, but almost as soon as Dubourg confirmed his departure, aides for Couillard said the provincial leader would not be running in the newly-vacated riding.

Earlier this week Couillard, who does not have a seat in the National Assembly, said that he would make a decision later this month about where he would run when he decides to enter the National Assembly.

In 2003 Couillard held the seat for Mont-Royal, and in 2007 was elected in Jean-Talon, but earlier this year told reporters he was considering running in Roberval, where he lives.

Roberval is a swing riding currently held by Parti Quebecois MNA Denis Trottier.