The scent of a certain soup, baking a particular batch of cookies -- every home-cooked recipe seems to have a story. Many conjure up memories of childhood.

The ‘Food for Thought’ cookbook celebrates these stories for a good cause.

The project at the English Montreal School Board is a compilation of first- and second-generation family recipes from students in three different schools.

“Some of the stories are incredible,” said EMSB spiritual and community animator Vince Lacroce. “Coming to Canada, starting, not knowing the language, a lot of them were people who were basic, everyday people who did extraordinary things.”

There were so many entries for the cookbook, the EMSB invited a group of Montreal chefs to cook with the students and decide which recipes would make the cut.

It's the third year for the project which, aside from raising some $27,000 for the Alzheimer Society of Montreal, has also inspired more than one young student.

“I was jumping with excitement because not a lot of people have their recipe in a book that will be sold around Canada,” said Gia Colacci, a sixth-grader and ‘Food for Thought’ contributor.

Nick de Palma, chef/owner of Restaurant Inferno, helped out with the project, in part because his own grandparents suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“Seeing young kids like this willing to… (spend) these are moments where you are with your grandmother, your family, so it's touching for everyone, you know?” he said.

The ‘Food for Thought’ cookbooks can be ordered from Gerald McShane Elementary, Nesbitt School or Rosemount High School.