Teens from Indigenous communities across Canada are taking part in a summer camp at McGill.

The university wants to inspire them to consider careers in Health Science – and it’s taking a unique approach.

As part of McGill’s Indigenous Health Professions Program, the camp takes inspiration from everyday stories, and incorporates it into science labs.

The camp also brings in Elders and professionals, from physiotherapists, to doctors and nurses.

Its organizers say there’s a serious lack of Indigenous people working in Health Science in Canada.

There are fewer than 20 Indigenous physicians working in Quebec.

“Oftentimes there’s a lack of representation in health forces all throughout the country, but this is particular to Indigenous communities, where they don’t have people who speak the language, who understand the culture inherently,” explained Alex Gray, outreach coordinator for the Indigenous Health Professionals program.

They’re hoping the campers will eventually become healthcare professionals in the communities where they were raised.

 With a report from Angela Mackenzie.