McGill University is upgrading its heating system as part of the effort to fight global warming.

The school was given $1.8 million from the federal government’s Low-Carbon Economy Fund for Climate Action.

The school said part of that money will go towards upgrading its boiler system from natural gas to electric, saying that would reduce energy use.

McGill will also install a system of heat exchangers, devices designed to recover heat that would otherwise be lost and reuse it.

The school said it hopes to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 64 per cent by 2021.

“That would be 9,900 tons of CO2 equivalent per year,” said McGill Director of Utilities and Energy Management Jerome Conraud. “This is the equivalent of the (greenhouse gas) emissions generated by 2,300 typical Canadian households in a year, so quite substantial.”

The project is expected to be completed over the course of two years.