The mayors of Quebec's two largest cities promised to co-operate as they had their first official meeting since their respective elections.

Montreal's Valerie Plante played host to Regis Labeaume of Quebec City on Thursday as the pair discussed how to get what they need for their citizens.

The first-time mayor and her four-time elected counterpart were all smiles as they met the media, joking about how they didn't have to adjust the height of their microphones to face questions.

"We will not compete to get what we need for our populations," said Plante. "I see Labeaume as a force working beside me."

Labeaume said Plante's win was spectacular, although he admitted to feeling sad for Denis Coderre.

"This lady's going to be a great mayor I'm sure," said Labeaume.

Meanwhile questions arose regarding the Formula E race following a report that the mayor's office knew how many tickets had been sold, but did not disclose the information because of a request from the promoter.

"I know Mr. Coderre was really attached to have the race downtown. That was his decision, that was his choice and people had to follow, but that's in the past now," said Plante.

Evenko has begun selling tickets to next year's race, which according to contracts is supposed to happen in the same location.

Heidi Miller of Formule Citoyen said the race should be rethought before it proceeds.

"Not just logistics and where but also is it really an event that Montreal needs? And these are the kind of things I hope the mayor will be asking," said Miller.

Plante has said repeatedly that she wants to move the E-race to the Gilles Villeneuve racetrack, but that is scheduled to be under construction next summer in order to comply with the demands of Formula One racing.

Plante will be meeting with Formula E organizers next week.