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Massive backlog at SAAQ leads to long lines, could take weeks to resolve


A massive backlog at Quebec’s automobile insurance board (SAAQ) is leading to long lineups at its outlets, as frustrated drivers deal with longer waits.

Many SAAQ services were shut down for weeks prior to the release of its new online tool SAAQclic, which launched last week with some hiccups.

That’s caused a backlog of 400,000 transactions, which is particularly affecting wait times in Montreal, Gatineau and Saint-Jerome, according to the SAAQ.

It’s asking people who do not have urgent files to wait a few days because it could take until the end of April to sort out the backlog.

The SAAQ estimates that about half of the people waiting in line could complete their transactions at home, but some say it’s still easier to come in person.

“The earliest appointment I was able to find is April 3 in Saint-Jerome,” said Meaghan Hennegan. She said she’s been trying to get her learner’s license for months, but securing an appointment has been a nightmare.

“I also need it to do phase two, three, four of my driving school," she said. "I can’t book any more classes without my learner's.”

Quebec Transport Minister Genvieve Guilbault says she’s in regular contact with the insurance board, and that operating hours will be extended, and identifying clients will be simplified. Top Stories

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