MONTREAL - MP Marc Garneau stepped into the ring with Todd van der Heyden to face down some questions concerning Garneau's self-announced candidacy as interim head of the Liberal party.

As well as being an MP and an astronaut, Garneau headed the Canadian Space Agency and its $300-million budget for four years.

In doing so, he proved that he can run a "tight, disciplined team that can deliver on projects," he said.

Garneau stressed that the Liberal caucus needs discipline and unity following a dismal election result, which saw the party reduced from 77 to 34 seats,

He does not, however, aim to become permanent leader.

"I'm there to offer my services in the interim. I can bring some necessary change and cohesion to the party," he said.

Garneau feels that the party became "disconnected," from the public and has no illusions of being the natural governing party of Canada.

"We realize we have no entitlement, we'll have to earn it," he said.

He also says that if he is chosen to be interim leader, he will remain neutral during the process of choosing a new leader.