Montreal Canadiens prospect Logan Mailloux said he recently met with the head of the NHL to discuss the possibility of playing in the league but declined to divulge any details Thursday when speaking to reporters.

"I did have a meeting with the league and it seemed to be very positive. I'd like not to comment on that too much, but I'm just hoping to hear back from that soon," said Mailloux at the Habs' rookie camp.

"Right now, my main goal is heading to Buffalo and deal with rookie camp and come back here and have a good minicamp."

The 20-year-old defenceman also declined to discuss what steps need to be taken to be eligible for the league.

Mailloux was suspended by the Ontario Hockey League in September 2021 after it was revealed he was charged and fined in Sweden for sharing a sexually explicit photo, without consent, of a woman performing a sexual act. He was later reinstated on Jan. 1, 2022.

The Habs made the controversial decision to select Mailloux in the 2021 NHL entry draft just days after the young player posted a statement on Twitter asking not to be chosen.

He said Thursday he's learned how to deal with the media attention surrounding the suspension.

"I've kind of seen a lot over the last couple of years. I've kind of learned to deal with it. You just got to get a hard head and just focus on your goals," he said.

"My goal is to make the NHL and I'm at a camp now to do it. No matter what people say, what people talk about, I've got a chance to do it now."

Canadiens Vice-President Jeff Gorton has said Mailloux is expected to be cleared by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who met with Mailloux earlier this summer. An official decision has not yet been made public.

The Belle River, Ont. native said as he waits clearance to play with the Habs, he said he's working on gaining the trust of the coaches that he can play well.