Key fundraisers for the Quebec Liberal party may have received large sums of money through real estate transactions of Quebec-owned buildings.

Those allegations were made on the Radio Canada program Enquete.

According to Enquete, four fundraisers split close to $2 million with the former head of the provincial agency that manages buildings, the Societé Immobiliere du Quebec (SIQ).

Marc-Andre Fortier, William Bartlett, Franco Fava and Charles Rondeau reportedly obtained money through three separate deals to extend leases for up to 25 years.

The customary government lease is for ten years.

Enquete says it has documents proving Rondeau and Fava, along with Bartlett and Fortier, were allegedly influencing the lease prices for government-owned buildings and pocketing large sums as a result.

The province's anti-corruption task force, UPAC, has looked into the matter.

No charges have ever been laid.

CAQ leader Francois Legault said it shows the Liberal party has not changed.

"We see this morning that the SIQ has been corrupted, corrupted by people of the Liberal Party, again, and Mr. Couillard cannot say 'I'm not aware.' He's with the Liberal Party since 2003 so it's the same old Liberal party involved in a big corruption matter," said Legault.

The Liberal party has not commented.