MONTREAL - Hundreds of lawyers hit the streets of Montreal Monday to show their displeasure with Bill 78.

They walked, in full court regalia, from the courthouse to Emilie Gamelin Park Monday afternoon.

They pointed out that they have no point of view on the tuition hikes and did not walk alongside with the protesters, but rather to the spot where the protests begin.

"We have some people who support tuition hikes, some people who are against it, but what we are concerned about is as lawyers, as notaries as jurists, what we are concerned is that this law is attacking some fundamental civil rights upon which our constitution relies," said Remi Bourget.

The lawyers said that the idea of marching together sprung up when several found themselves sharing the view that Bill 78 is excessively punitive, restricts freedom of assembly and muzzles free speech through the threat of pulling student association funding.

They of course had notified police in advance of the route their march would take.

"We have a responsibility to respect the law and we will do so but we also have a responsibility to criticize it," said Marylene Robitaille.

Challenges to Bill 78 will be heard in court on Wednesday.