Montreal police and other emergency crews rushed to LaSalle Wednesday morning after getting reports of shots being fired.

Around 9:30 a.m. they found one injured person at a gas station on Lafleur Avenue at Clement St., and police, including search dogs, immediately began looking for gunmen.

Police said they have located and arrested two suspects, and said a third person is still at large.

Witnesses said that police stopped a car one block away from the gas station with three adults and a baby inside. They said police arrested the two men inside and ordered the woman to get out of the car, leaving the baby inside.

However police would only confirm that two people were arrested nearby, and could not say if the two men were in a vehicle or on foot.

Contrary to earlier reports police said that the 26-year-old victim was not shot. Instead he was injured in a scuffle with three other men. Officers also said that at least one bullet was fired at the scene but that it did not strike anyone.

The victim, who was not an employee of the gas station, was treated at the scene.