MONTREAL -- Come Jan. 20, there will be a (former) Montrealer in the White House.

With Saturday's declaration by numerous American media outlets that Joe Biden has won the American presidency, comes the news that Westmount High alum Kamala Harris will be the U.S.A.'s next vice-president.

“I was extremely happy, proud and also honoured to know Kamala,” said Trevor Williams, a former friend and classmate of Harris'. “I'm happy for the rest of the world and the United States.”

Along with being the first former Montrealer elected to that office, Harris will be the first woman, Indian-American and Black person to assume the vice-presidency. Her alma mater took to Twitter to celebrate the accomplishment and wish her well.

Harris' time living in Montreal as a teenager has been well-documented. She came to the city at age 12 when her mother took a job as a researcher and teacher at McGill University. She lived in Montreal in the late 1970s and early 80s, graduating from Westmount High in 1981.

When Harris was first named Biden's running mate, former classmates recalled her as a focused young woman who was always involved in different activities and as a social butterfly.

On Saturday, Williams called Harris “the right person for the job.”

“She fought for justice when she was in high school and even younger,” he said. “She continues doing it. That's her legacy.” 

Other provincial notables were quick to offer their own congratulations to the one-time Quebecer.