A former Federal Liberal organizer has been found guilty on all counts in connection with the sponsorship scandal.

A jury found Jacques Corriveau guilty of fraud, forgery, and money laundering.

With his wife by his side, Corriveau was visibly shaken as he left the courtroom Monday morning.

His lawyer, Gerald Souliere, was disappointed by the verdict.

"We were expecting the best. We were waiting for five days right now," said Souliere.

The Crown successfully argued that Corriveau used his influence to set up a kickback scheme on government contracts awareded during the federal sponsorhip program, and used his company, Pluri Design Canada, to defraud the federal government.

Those kickbacks added up to more than $6.5 million.

"Something close to a million was recovered and blocked in various accounts, and his private house was also blocked," said Crown Prosecutor Jacques Dagenais.

The prosecutor gave full credit to the 11-year police investigation for the conviction.

"I think it does justice to the quite huge investigation of the RCMP said Dagenais.

"In the end it's always difficult to say what swung the jury, but there were two very, very damming evidence by people who had paid money to Mr. Corriveau."

The next step is sentencing arguments, which will take place in late November.

One goal for Corriveau's defence team will be to keep the 83-year-old out of prison.