Eastern and Western calendars converge this week, creating a rare overlap of three major holidays: Ramadan, Passover and Easter.

The crossover happens just three times every 100 years.

In Quebec, Sunday's celebrations were complicated by the aftermath of a devastating ice storm that left thousands without power.

"Families came together. Those with power opened their doors to those without power," said Rabbi Reuben Poupko at Beth Israel Beth Aaron Congregation, adding the overlap is very "Montreal."

"It's beautiful. We live in a city with a variety of faith communities. Everybody is wishing each other well. I hear Happy Pesach from people who are not Jewish. I've said Ramadan Kareem more times than I can remember. And Happy Easter, that's how it is," he said.

"We live together harmoniously in the wonderful city of Montreal. We get along. We respect each other, and when the holidays come together, it only adds to everybody's celebrations."

Reverend Arlen Bonner agrees, saying it's a chance to "put aside those longstanding fears we have of one another by trying to learn about who the other is and focussing on some of those things that we have in common."

At the Dorval Mosque, president Mehmet Deger says the convergence should create curiosity.

"It is a very good occasion to visit different communities, different churches, synagogues and mosques," he said, adding that we live together all year round, not just during this holy week.

"It is very easy to hurt someone and very difficult to gain hearts, so we have to pray for everyone."