In a land that will soon be covered in ice, it’s fitting that the winner of the 2016 Montreal Marathon hails from Iceland.

Kari Steinn Karlsson claimed first place in the race with a time of two hours and 24 minutes.

The runner, who was in Montreal for the first time, was modest in victory, saying he has had faster races and didn’t feel in particularly good shape on Sunday. Still, he seemed to have a good time.

"It feels great," he said, immediately after crossing the finish line. "Such a great race, perfect conditions."

More than 35,000 runners took part in the various races which run from a single kilometre to the full 42 kilometre marathon.

5,000 people ran the full course, a new record. Among those was Edry Sokoli, a teenager who trained for as part of Students in the Running. He said it was thrilling to get ready for such a challenge.

"I learned that I wasn't as lazy as I thought," he said.

Elisabeth Roger is a mentor for the program. She said running can teach teens some great lessons.

"I think they learned that at their age, they can be really well disciplined, they can achieve goals whenever they put effort into it," she said.

Runners came from all over to take part. Heidi Lozano travelled from Colorado to run in her sixteenth marathon.

"It's beautiful, you guys have an amazing city. I just love it," she said.