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Hydro-Quebec to become a prime contractor for large-scale wind power projects


Hydro-Québec has announced that it will become a prime contractor for large-scale wind power projects, involving municipalities and Indigenous territories.

On Thursday, the utility presented its new strategy for accelerating the deployment of 10,000 MW of new wind power capacity by 2035. The new model will prioritize the development of projects that could exceed 1,000 MW.

"We need to develop wind power about five times faster than we have to date. And that's crucial,” said Hydro-Québec president and CEO Michael Sabia at a press conference in Montreal.

"Under the current model, it's mostly small-scale projects (90 MV on average) developed by the private sector. Hydro-Québec's role is essentially limited to buying the electricity at the end of the process. Today's energy context calls for a rethinking of this approach,” said Sabia.

The municipalities and Indigenous territories where future wind farms will take shape will be partners from the outset. They will also be able to generate recurring independent income as shareholders in the projects, Hydro-Québec promised.

During the press conference, Sabia emphasized the importance of involving municipal and Indigenous communities to achieve social acceptability for each development.

- This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on May 30, 2024. Top Stories

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