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How winter sports lovers are dealing with the mild weather


Mild temperatures continued into the weekend in Montreal, putting some winter sports on pause.

Some residents, like Gaetan Kolpcki, even decided to break out the shorts as the city warmed up to 8 C.

The unseasonably warm weather did not stop cross-country skiers on Mount Royal. Most of the trails, including the main one, are open.

"I mean, it's nice but it's also a bit freaky this year and definitely harder to ski," said Maya Nussbaun.

Senior Environment Canada climatologist David Phillips says warm weather from the west has made its way east.

"It just brought all this southernly air right into Ontario and to Quebec," he said. .

Mont-Castor in Matane, Que. closed its slopes for the day. The mountain does not have snow cannons but other hills that do are relying on them to stay afloat.

"Right now, most of the base is man-made snow for sure. I mean, we received maybe one snow storm, maybe a month ago," said Shane Booth, the general manager at Mont-Habitant.

Yves Mouchaca, manager of Play it again sports, sales of winter gear have been slow this season and the mild winter is hurting his business. He hasn't sold a single snowshoe and said sales are down 35 to 40 per cent.

"The store has been open for 28 years. This has been the slowest, by far, winter," he said.

Mouchaca and other winter lovers are still holding out for more snow.

"Well, I prefer the old-fashioned winters. You were sure it was just going to be cold," said NDG resident Marthe Verron.

Environment Canada says temperatures should drop again around mid-week. Top Stories

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