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Half of Quebecers disagree with the government's offer to public employees: survey

The public sector common front said on Monday that, according to an SOM survey, more than half of Quebecers are of the opinion that the salary increases of 9 per cent over five years offered by the government are not enough.

The vast majority of respondents, 87 per cent, even affirm that it is necessary for the Quebec government to improve the working conditions of its employees, according to the survey.

Almost as many think that salaries should at least be indexed to the cost of living. Three-quarters believe that public sector salaries should be equivalent to those in the private sector.

Few Quebecers (30 per cent) believe that the government manages negotiations well with the unions that represent its employees.

Beyond salary, three quarters of those surveyed emphasize that better remuneration of public sector employees would have a positive impact on the quality of services.

"These results confirm what we feel when we talk to people, namely that Quebecers value their public services and are well aware that working conditions leave something to be desired," the Common Front said in a news release signed by CSN vice-president François, CSQ president Éric Gingras, FTQ president Magali Picard, and Robert Comeau, president of the APTS.

This report by The Candian Press was first published in French on Sept. 18, 2023. Top Stories

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