MONTREAL -- With Sunday marking World Homelessness Day, two Montreal initiatives are working together to offer “Essential Boxes” – packages for those without homes including a supply of basics for when they do find a place to live.

The boxes were launched by local charity Bread & Beyond and shelter Old Brewery Mission, which rolled out in the lead up to Sunday.

The boxes are filled with kitchen and bathroom supplies, as well as other items needed in the first few days of moving in.

The Old Brewery Mission works to find living arrangements for those in need of a place to stay, among other services.

“But it’s not enough to hand over a set of keys,” wrote Mission CEO James Hughes in a press release. “Some people need ongoing support from our team to stay housed.”

“We appreciate how difficult it is in the first few days after moving for anyone, let alone a person who is actively rebuilding their life—we wanted to ease that transition as much as possible,” said Bread & Beyond founder Kirstie Jagoe.

The organizations are hoping to expand distribution through local businesses to give out 20 boxes per month to those in need.

-- Watch CTV’s Andrew Brennan’s report above for more details.