Two teenaged girls who filmed an attack on a boy and posted the video on Facebook were in court Friday.

Police say the pair are facing charges for threats, intimidation and assault, and were ordered to have no contact with the 16-year-old boy.

The video was made earlier this week when the girls, 17 and 13-year-old, allegedly lured the boy to a parking lot in order to have a discussion.

It quickly turned into a violent confrontation, with the video showing the younger girl filmed her friend punching and spitting on the boy. They then traded camera duties and the second girl kicked and punched the boy.

At several points the boy is thrown to the ground and punched in the face and head.

The boy constantly tells the girls to stop, that he will not fight them, and throughout the ordeal refuses to strike back.

At one point an adult drives by and asks if everything is okay, but drives off when the girls insultingly say it is none of his business and that everything is fine.

The video was posted to Facebook and removed a short time later, but not before people had made their own copies.

Sergeant Pierre Tremblay of the Richelieu-St. Laurent police force said officers learned of the video Thursday morning and quickly determined the identity of the three youths involved.

Police are now investigating another case involving the 17-year-old girl for intimidating another minor.

Meanwhile several people are being investigated for using social media to make threats toward the two girls.

The girls are scheduled to return to court in May.