A 12-year-old girl Montreal girl, allegedly shot eight times by her father, has woken up in hospital and asked about her brother.

Danyela Perisic's mother has yet to tell her daughter that ten-year-old Deyan was shot and killed.

Her cousin, Vicky Pololos, says Danyela has had extensive surgery to rebuild her shattered right arm, but will be scarred for life.

Vicky said that Danyela's first words were "'Where's Deyan? Where's my brother?' and she doesn't know yet, and she doesn't know yet that he's passed."

The children's father, Predrag Perisic, is now in custody in Texas, accused of killing his ten-year-old son and of shooting Danyela eight times.

Before moving to Texas, Perisic lived in St. Laurent with his children and their mother Vera Vucerakovich.

Bitter divorce battle

The couple is involved in what is by all accounts a bitter divorce and custody battle.

Relatives on all sides say Vucerakovich and Perisic had frequently been violent and threatening with each other.

Jovanka Vucerakovich, grandmother of the shooting victims, says she saw Perisic attack her daughter.

"I saw he touch her like that, he say now I kill you, so she say don't kill me stupid I'm pregnant with your son three months now," said Jovanka Vucerakovich

Perisic's relatives in Texas say that many times Vucerakovich was just as threatening.

Family lived in St. Laurent

Perisic and Vucerakovich lived in St. Laurent for many years, until the family moved to La Porte, Texas in 2009.

Vucerakovich and the children returned to Montreal in January 2010, but a Quebec judge soon ordered the children to return to Texas.

"Canadian kids. Canadian-born, Canadian-raised. They lived in Texas for 108 days," said Pololos.

In October, Quebec Superior Court ruled the children should return to Canada to stay with their mother.

That's when Perisic apparently pulled Deyan and Danyela out of their Texas school and went into hiding.

On Monday authorities in Texas learned Perisic was in a home in Coldspring, and when they entered the home they heard gunfire.

Police found Deyan's body, Danyela suffering from multiple gunshots, and their father.

Perisic has been charged with murder.

Meanwhile, children at Gardenview Elementary who knew Deyan and Danyela are in shock.

Trauma counsellor Lori Rubin says children are coping the best they can.

"We're trying to make some sense of this in a case where there is no sense to be made," said Rubin.