MONTREAL -- In another move to relax public health measures in Quebec as daily case counts continue to trend downward, the province is loosening the requirements for face masks in private homes.

People who are fully vaccinated will no longer need to wear a mask or keep a distance of two metres during indoor gatherings in private homes, according to the ministry of health. In Quebec, public health recommends people who have recovered from COVID-19 only be vaccinated with one dose of an approved vaccine.

The new measure applies to all of Quebec as of Friday.

Another new measure that goes into effect heading into the weekend is the resumption of festivals and major outdoor events. Outdoor events with people standing or seated without assigned seating, with a maximum of 3,500 people, will now be allowed to take place as of Friday.

The two new measures come before all of Quebec heads into the green alert zone on Monday.

As of Monday, a maximum of 10 people can gather indoors, while outdoors the maximum is 20 people.

Restaurants and bars can also seat 10 people at an indoor table. Terrasses can also sit 20 people.

Limits for outdoor sports will also be relaxed, with 50 players allowed, plus 50 spectators. Indoors, the limits are 25 and 25, respectively.