MONTREAL - Those who thought that comic books were dead, only have to look down on Free Comic Book Day, which took place Saturday.

They can find young noses stuffed into comic books on days like this.

"I really like superheroes and it's a really good comic book and I love The Avengers," said Raamiz Husain, 10.

His mom was happy to bring Raamiz and his younger sister to the event, which aims to encourage reading among youngsters.

"It encourages learning and my son is a good reader but my daughter is in kindergarten so she is still learning to read so it's a good way to start to read and to learn," said mother Sadaf Husain.

It's a solid route for cartoon artists to connect with readers as well.

"Today is a great day for comic books because brings attention to medium for everybody," said Craig S. Stuckless, comic book artist, illustrator and writer.

Those hoping to score a free comic had to swoop in fast.

"This morning this table was full of free comic stacked about yea high," said Myles Caron, Owner of Captain Quebec. The pile was considerably lower later that day.

Another comic peddler considered Saturday a great day, even though he wasn't cashing in on the freebs.

"Every one wins people who come in to find something they like can come back into the store and buy more copies of it and read stories that they enjoy and we get to sell stuff," said Raf Larosa of Astro book store.