A worker at a COVID-19 vaccination site in Quebec City is facing charges for allegedly falsifying documents so that she and others could obtain fake vaccine passports.

Following an investigation by Quebec's anti-corruption agency (UPAQ), Carolane Fournier has been charged with breach of trust, production of false documents and fraudulent use of a computer.

Fournier is a former employee of the Capital-Nationale health and social services centre (CIUSSS-CN).

According to a UPAQ press release issued Tuesday, she allegedly made false entries in Quebec's vaccination registry while working at the vaccination site at Laval University between Sept. 8 and 17, 2021.

"Carolane Fournier is no longer employed by CIUSS-CN as of September 2021," the statement confirms.

Vaccination passports were used in Quebec at the time to prohibit unvaccinated people from entering certain public spaces such as restaurants.