The mayor of the Plateau Mont Royal does not think what he has done to his borough over the past eight years should be a model for Montreal.

Luc Ferrandez said Friday that his party and its mayoral candidate, Valerie Plante, do not have a one-size-fits-all plan for the city, despite Denis Coderre saying that Plante wants to "plateau-ize Montreal."

Ferrandez said that voters should know that.

"It's too easy for him to go and scare people in Pierrefonds and say look guys, this is what will happen to you. It's not what will happen to you. There are not three metro stations in Pierrefonds, There is not 50,000 people who don't have a car in Pierrefonds," said Ferrandez.

He said that Plante and Projet Montreal would create policies according to each borough's needs.

"It's so sad because he's the mayor of all Montrealers so he should not bash one of the districts," said Ferrandez.

Meanwhile Ferrandez conceded that he still has issues to address in the borough.

Several Plateau merchants said their businesses are doing well, although they do face challenges.

"We do pay high taxes on the street and there's a lot of problems with the one-way [streets] and the changes on the streets but the parking is still available," said Pietro Daquila.

Those concerns were echoed by the owner of a bakery.

"It's frustrating to pay a lot of taxes as a merchant here but there's nothing nice outside," said Josée Boivin.

Several merchants said they favour Coderre because he has obtained new taxation powers for the city of Montreal.

Ferrandez claimed the taxation powers were his idea.

"The break for taxation during work, les chantiers, is from me. The lowering of the taxes in the central district to adapt the taxes to the local businesses is from me," said Ferrandez.

Ferrandez said he will have 200 volunteers will working on election day to get the vote out.