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'F--- you Simon': QS house leader apologizes for outburst aimed at Simon Jolin-Barrette


Québec Solidaire (QS) parliamentary leader Alexandre Leduc told his government counterpart Simon Jolin-Barrette on Wednesday to go f--- himself in the middle of the Salon bleu.

Leduc said 'f--- you Simon' off-mic, which was corroborated by both deputy opposition leader Michelle Setlakwe and CAQ MNA Sylvie D'Amours.

"I made unacceptable comments about Simon Jolin-Barrette," Leduc quickly acknowledged on X, formerly Twitter. "My words went beyond my thoughts and I sincerely apologize. He is a colleague I appreciate and I will manage my emotions better in the future. My apologies also to the president."

The exchange was after question period, at a committee information session, and tensions were running high.

Leduc was going over comments made by his colleague Christine Labrie last week, deemed unparliamentary by President Nathalie Roy, to ask for clarification.

Jolin-Barrette was contesting his opponent's intervention when Leduc suddenly snapped.

"I don't accept being insulted by Québec Solidaire on the floor of the National Assembly when I'm carrying out my duties as government leader, being told: 'f--- you Simon,'" he said.

- This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on Dec. 6, 2023. Top Stories

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