A number of musical instruments worth tens of thousands of dollars have been stolen from students at McGill's Schulich School of Music, CTV News has learned.

According to the Music Undergraduate Students' Association (MUSA), at least seven instruments have been stolen in the past month -- including two saxophones, a trombone, an oboe and an English horn.

Student John Miller said his cello was stolen from his locker last week. The cello was appraised at $20, 000, but Miller said he believes it's worth at least $100, 000 more, because of its antique qualities.

"The year that has typically been associated with it is 1703," Miller told CTV Montreal's Rob Lurie.

Another student, Alicia Bisha, said her viola was also stolen recently. The instrument was estimated to be worth $40, 000, but Bisha said it holds priceless sentimental value.

"It was my grandmother's instrument. She was a professional violist," said Bisha.

Other incidents

The theft of musical instruments seems to be a growing problem in Montreal.

Canadian rockers April Wine were robbed of their instruments twice in this city. The first time, thieves broke into Breen LeBoeuf's car and stole two of his basses. In the second incident, Brian Greenway's favorite guitar was stolen after a gig.

Last August, thieves ripped off a truck filled with tens of thousands of dollars of gear belonging to Iggy pop and his band, The Stooges.

Making a profit online

One retailer who sells instruments told CTV News thieves are increasingly using the internet to make a profit from their stolen goods.

"Sometimes they will post it on different lists like eBay and Craigslist," said Dave Gantz, an employee at Steve's Music Store, on St. Antoine St.

More security

McGill has taken measures to tighten security in the music building, but MUSA is pushing for the installation of security cameras and restricted access to certain parts of the building.