The daughter of Quebec-Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir is on trial for allegedly assaulting a photographer during the height of the student protest movement.

Yalda Machouf-Khadir, along with her boyfriend Xavier Philippe-Beauchamp, is facing a slew of charges in connection with the student protests, and the event occurred while she was in court in May 2012.

In court on Thursday the victim, QMI agency photographer Chantal Poirier, took the stand and recounted her version of events.

Poirier said that on that date nearly two years ago her employer assigned her to head to court and to photograph Machouf-Khadir and other protesters who were appearing.

Poirier said she quickly found herself surrounded by a gang of protesters and student supporters, including Machouf-Khadir and her boyfriend Xavier Philippe-Beauchamp.

The photographer said at one point Machouf-Khadir punched her camera, which struck her in the head and knocked her out.

Another witness testified that he saw Machouf-Khadir and Philippe-Beauchamp trying to pin Poirier to the wall.

Testifying in his own defence, Philippe-Beauchamp said that neither he nor Machouf-Khadir touched the photographer.

Other witnesses are expected to testify as the trial continues.

Meanwhile Machouf-Khadir is expected in court again in the weeks to come as other criminal and civil trials move forward.

Her lawyers have indicated she is likely to plead guilty to vandalizing the University of Montreal and the offices of then-education minister Line Beauchamp, blocking the Champlain and Jacques-Cartier Bridges, and several other actions related to protests.