Following a long and accomplished career, CTV Montreal's top man has taken his well-deserved retirement.

CTV Montreal Vice President and General Manager Don Bastien worked his final day at the station Friday following a distinguished four-decade career at the network.

Bastien started in sales at CTV and worked his way up to the post of President of CTV National Sales.

The ever-dapper Bastien won wide respect for his dedication and vision as well as his passion for philanthropic causes; he has been a fixture at charity fundraisers where he is often seen hitting the dance floor with his wife Lise Champagne-Bastien.

Bastien served as VP and GM of CTV Montreal since late in 2001, having taken over from Hubert Harel.

He is succeeded as General Manager of CTV Montreal by Louis Douville.

Douville comes to Montreal from the nation's capital where he distinguished himself as VP and GM at CTV Ottawa.

Douville's accomplishments include being named private sector executive of the year in 2009 by the Regroupement des gens d'affaire de la Capitale nationale (RGA).

Douville also provided many on-air appearances at CTV Ottawa in which he shared his knowledge of wine.