The CSN labour federation has voted against the government's Bill 60, saying the Charter of Values goes too far

About 300 delegates are gathered in Quebec City to discuss the Charter of Values, and most members of the labour organization believe the ban of religious symbols the Parti Quebecois is demanding is too broad

The CSN believes public workers in positions of authority, such as police officers, judges and daycare workers, should be banned from wearing religious symbols.

However the union is concerned about what would happen to current public sector employees who wear symbols to express their faith

"The government will ask them to take away their religious signs so it might be reprisals, suspensions, firings. What will happen there? So we don't know yet. This is, and we're quite worried about that situation, discrimination of course, segregation of people and we don't want that so it's a very divisive debate," said Jean Lortie, the Secretary-General of the union.

The union voted Thursday to denounce the Charter as it currently stands.