Commuters and AMT employees alike were unaware Wednesday that the coupons being handed out for the March pass were also going to be handed out on two other days.

When the AMT first announced the 50 per cent discount off the cost of the March pass for travelers on the Deux-Montagnes and Dorion-Rigaud lines, it said the passes would only be handed out Feb. 18, 2009.

In an interview a few days after the announcement, AMT President Joel Gauthier told CTV Montreal they had changed their minds, and would be adding two extra days during which the coupons would be handed out.


On the coupon it said to get the discount, commuters had to take their coupon, their March commuter pass and the receipt to either Central Station, Vendome metro or Lucien Lallier between March 10 and 20.

However, in an interview Wednesday, AMT spokesperson Marie Gendron said commuters can start to redeem the coupons as early as today.