Teenage Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg will be in Montreal on September 27.

She’s taking part in the global climate strike scheduled for that day. Organizers are asking as many people as possible to leave work or school to attend the day of protesting.

“Greta being here is really great for us,” said spokesperson for La planete s’invite a L’universite Louis Couillard. “The youth is already leading the charge, but we’re going to have to go further.”

Thunberg gained international recognition for her fight against climate change.

Organizers say in Quebec, 17 cities will take part in the climate strike.

They hope this will put pressure on politicians to implement more environmentally friendly policies.

“We need to cut carbon emissions,” said Dominic Champagne from Pacte pour la transition. “We need to have a plan, we need to have tax, we need to have laws and rules that will challenge, help, support and constraint the people to lower emissions.”