MONTREAL -- The Ministry of Transportation is introducing a pilot project to help drivers avoid traffic bottlenecks and accidents caused by hasty, last-second lane changes, by getting motorists to choose the correct lane as soon as possible on the South Shore.

Since Oct. 11, drivers have been able to clearly see upcoming highway numbers as they are now painted on Highway 20/Route 132 eastbound in Longueuil. The numbers "20," "25," and "132" are now on the road in addition to road signs leading up to the Highway 20, 25 and Route 132 interchange.

"The objective is to help road users to choose their destination lane as early as possible to avoid last-minute changes causing sudden slowdowns that could result in collisions, but especially a lot of frustration for motorists," the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry will review video footage before and after the road was painted and the MTQ will analyze accidents on the road in the second year of the pilot project.