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Celine Dion says she had 'nothing to do with that photo' after her image is used in NHL pregame show


The plot thickens in the uproar over Céline Dion's hockey allegiance.

"I had nothing to do with that photo...and you know which one I'm talking about," the singer tweeted Thursday as she wished Quebecers a happy Fête nationale.

Controversy stirred after an image of Dion wearing a Las Vegas Golden Knights helmet was shown during a pregame montage that aired before the Montreal Canadiens and the Knights battled it out in Game 5 of the NHL semifinals.

Noovo Info confirmed Wednesday that the legendary singer's team never approved the use of her image.

"We were never contacted by the Golden Knights about this," they told journalist Camille Lopez, with Noovo Info.

Lopez notes the team has been using the image "for a while now," adding she spoke with RDS sports reporter Chantal Machabée, who confirmed this isn't the first time Dion's photo has been used during the Knight's pregame show.

Dion's team did not specify if they were aware of this.

It was a sucker punch to the heart for Quebecers everywhere after an image of the province's most famous export was used during the pregame show at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Sportscaster Chris Cuthbert first tweeted a photo of the 53-year-old icon smizing into the camera with a Vegas helmet on her head, noting, "thought she'd be a Habs fan!"

Fans were livid, calling her a traitor and wondering where The Power of Love for her home province had gone.

As the Twitter-storm surged, a fact-checker quickly pointed out that the photo looked like it had been taken from images from the Québécoise's Taking Chances album, released in 2007.

The superstar's love affair with Sin City has been going on for years, after she signed on to do her first residency in 2003.

With pictures capturing Dion in jerseys from both teams over the years, it seems the jury might still be out on whether she is actually a Habs or a Knights fan. Top Stories

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