MONTREAL -- The case of a woman who allegedly impersonated a doctor so successfully that she obtained two internships has gotten even more bizarre, as Montreal police said a second person has recently done the same thing.

A spokesperson for the SPVM told CTV News that officers were sent to Lakeshore General Hospital on June 1 to intervene in the case of a woman who was allegedly trying to pass herself off as a physician. The officers found the woman “in a state of distress” and she was placed in the care of the health system.

No further details were given due to confidentiality.

The regional health authority confirmed that on June 1, someone identifying themself as a medical resident who they say had psychiatric problems tried to complete two radiology requests at the Lakeshore but that after the ruse was discovered, all records were verified.

“The person did not act maliciously and was only briefly in the emergency room before being intercepted,” a spokesperson said. “She was taken care of quickly and now has the care she needs.”

But the SPVM said the case of Annie Ung was a separate matter entirely. On June 2, the Quebec College of Physicians sent out a notice to its members warning them about Ung, who was claiming to be a medical resident at a Montreal hospital. Ung had allegedly managed to get two internships using her ruse and had even been able to see patients in hospital after showing up in a white lab coat and stethoscope, according to the QCP.

According to several statement of infractions filed by the college against Ung, seven different incidents took place between Nov. 21, 2019 and July 27, 2020 in which Ung pretended to be a doctor in several different medical facilities.

The college also accused Ung of falsely claiming to be a doctor on her LinkedIn page. The statements said the college is seeking compensation for nine different counts for a total of $67,500. 

According to the statements, the penalty for impersonating a doctor is a fine of between $2,500 and $62,500.

The college told CTV News they are pursuing legal charges against Ung, with a hearing scheduled for Aug. 26 at the Longueuil courthouse but declined further comment due to the ongoing legal process.

A college spokesperson said they were unaware of the situation at the Lakeshore and would not comment on it.

A spokesperson for Quebec's Department of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, however, said no file has been submitted concerning Ung and no criminal charges have been laid.  

Ung could not be reached for comment.