Lockers are cleaned out, and players are icing injuries, but Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes is busy.

Star goalie Carey Price's future remains in doubt as questions about his knee remain unanswered.

The team also has no captain, needs quality additions, and Jeff Petry seems to want to be elsewhere. 

Hughes, like the rest of the team and fans, is waiting to find out more about Price's knee and whether he'll be able to play next year.

"It's complicated, to be perfectly frank. I wish there were a simple answer to that question," he said.

Price said his knee continues to swell and that it needs to change or he won't be lacing up in the fall.

"I don't believe that the current state would be sustainable for a whole season," said Price.

Hughes would not say what would happen as teams prepare for the draft and free agency period and that he still needs to speak with defenceman Jeff Petry, who had requested a trade before the deadline.

He, however, doesn't see the team chasing any marquee free agents when the season ends.

"I don't anticipate the Montreal Canadiens being in that market for the five-star free agent player that's available," said Hughes. "There may not be a situation but if there are situations where we feel that we can make moves and improve our team, that we can afford to make both financially for our short-term and long-term interests, then we'll go ahead and do that."

Hughes would also not comment on whether coach Martin St. Louis's contract will be extended.